Utility Maintenance – Over 30 years experience installing and maintaining private underground utility systems

Utility Maintenance saves HOAs and private property owners the time, expense, and aggravation of dealing with costly water main breaks and storm drain blockages.  We also take care of all city and county mandated utility exercise and reporting requirements.  Let us handle your private utility inspections, testing, and maintenance under one low-cost plan.


Mission Statement

To provide a safe and complete maintenance system for all your privately owned utilities, while maintaining the highest quality service anywhere….THIS IS OUR PROMISE TO YOU.  We will maintain all of your private utilities and take care of all cross-connection water testing and the necessary paperwork to each individual city or county water authority.  We conduct bi-annual domestic testing for safe drinking water and most importantly we exercise and flush your water system, including gate valves, fire hydrants, blow-offs, and air vacs.  UM will maintain and inspect all of your private storm drain systems and file the required reports to keep you in compliance with your inspectors.  UM will also inspect all of your sewer manholes and clean-outs for debris, rocks, or anything that can back up and plug your private system.  These inexpensive inspections can save you time and potentially much more costly repairs in the future.

Next Steps…

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