Why do I need my gate valves, fire hydrants, air vacs, blow offs, and backflow assemblies maintained and exercised regularly?

Metal pipes and water are a combination that ultimately leads to rust and corrosion.  You have invested a considerable amount of money in your private utility systems and if left dormant for an extended period these systems can seize up and harmful bacteria can grow in the dormant water. 
Moving parts need to move regularly and ‘dead’ water needs to be flushed out to insure the safety of your potable system.

How do I keep the water on my property safe from contaminants?

Utility Maintenance will sample and test your water at least annually to ensure that coliform and bacteria do not develop, keeping your systems safe and within federal guidelines.

Why should I have my backflow devices tested? 

Your city or county water authority requires that your backflow devices be certified to be in proper working condition every year.  UM will do this and will also take care of the official paperwork for you.  

Should sewer manholes be checked regularly? 

Yes! Each simple manhole check can prevent blockage and a costly backup which can save money and a major cleaning of your pipes.

Why do I need to have my storm drains inspected?

San Diego city and county water authorities mandate regular storm drain inspections and the submission these maintenance records.  Utility Maintenance will inspect your systems and certify all filters, major storm boxes, and detention systems.