“Allowing Property Owner’s to Sleep at Night”

Mission Statement

To provide a safe and complete maintenance system for all your privately owned utilities, while maintaining the highest quality service anywhere….THIS IS OUR PROMISE TO YOU.

UM maintains all of your private utilities. This includes:

Private Water System

UM takes care of all water cross connection testing and paperwork to each individual city. We do biannual domestic water testing for safe drinking water and most importantly we exercise and flush your entire water system including gate valves, fire hydrants, blow offs, and air vacs.

Private Storm Drain System

UM takes care of maintaining and inspecting all of your private storm drain system. We file all storm drain reports required by each individual city for you to prevent any Notice of Violations.

Private Sewer System

UM inspects all of your sewer manholes and cleanouts for debris, rocks or anything that can back up and plug your private system. This inexpensive inspection can save you from the Big Bill.